Saturday, 9 November 2013

Scam Warning
Scam Warning
Evaluation websites are typically supported by advertising. Some business evaluation websites may also allow businesses to spend for enhanced lists, which do not impact the evaluations and ratings. Item evaluation websites may be supported by offering associate links to the sites that offer the evaluated products.

Because of the specialized marketing drive of this type of site, the evaluations are not objective.

For example, the UK customer advocacy organization, the Customers' Organization, offers Which?, a website that carries no advertising but covers various services and products, with evaluations and ratings frequently based upon exhaustive independent screening. Another type of evaluation website does not offer free-form content evaluations, but instead examines a particular class of items, solutions, or businesses using a collection of pre-defined criteria. One such instance is the Canadian buying website Wishabi, which evaluates business on 42 criteria [9] and displays the results in a collection of icons. This 2nd type of expert evaluation website has the tendency to offer a better system for relative evaluation, but at the expense of minimized flexibility and richness.

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