Wednesday, 12 March 2014

5 top reasons to check out La Romana when cruising the Caribbean.

5 top reasons to check out La Romana when cruising the Caribbean.

The port of La Romana in the Dominican Republic is frequently visited by cruise lines. The sugar industry dominates in the city. The favorite attraction is the Parque Nacional Del Este. Cruisers travel in bulk to this park on their port day. Many tours to the park leave from the fishermen village Bayahibe. Bayahibe hosts a lot of excursion companies and cruisers may book direct at the providers. Park National del Este / the off-shore islands: The most significant tourist attraction in La Romana is the National Park del Este and in specific the tropical islands of Saona, Catalina and Catalinita. Saona Island is among the most gorgeous and is everything you image yourself of a tropical paradise. Saona is genuine and you can spend a terrific day on one of the various beaches or you can snorkel at the pristine coral reefs. A lot of cruise travelers think about the day on Saona as the best day of the entire cruise. You can find various adventures offered, but the smaller Saona adventures per speedboat are the best. The country side: The country side is common Caribbean. The area around La Romana has big sugarcane plantations. And in addition the Dominican republic is the largest cigar producer on the planet. The land section of the National Park del Este consists out of dry tropical forest, lime stone formations and has various caves and caverns. Near La Romana you can find the River Chavon. The block busters Apocalypse Now and Rambo III are filmed right here. The river meanders by going through a great gorge, encompassed by tropical jungle. You can take a trip on a conventional river boat and check out the river side ranch to see the tropical jungle. La Romana City: As said, the city of La Romana is not a specific gorgeous city. However if you want to do some shopping you can check out the Jumbo Supermarket, just over the bridge from the cruise port. Another tourist attraction near the cruise port is the largest cigar factory on the planet, Tabacalera de Garcia, possessed by Altadis, the largest cigar agent on the planet. Golf Casa de Campo: On the property of Casa de Campo you can find the well-known "Teeth of the Dog" golf course (# 5 on the planet), as two other golf courses. Beach Breaks: Quite popular are the beach breaks. Close to Bayahibe you will find a few top notch All Inclusive resorts and it is easy to buy day passes and spend the day on a vacation resort. The beaches of Bayahibe and Dominicus are gorgeous and extremely appropriate for a beach break and to have a nice dish in a regional dining establishment. The taxi travel to Bayahibe is offered by Taxi Casa de Campo. Don't wait to book an adventure while staying in La Romana.


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